Ideas on Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturing. Hosted by Maillefer.

Micro-drip Irrigation Driller for /Enter Lines


Our DUFD driller is available now for our /Enter lines. It has been specially adapted to meet the price/performance levels expected for this configuration. Read more

Meet Us in Mumbai at Booth 1/C12 on Oct 5 - 7


We warmly welcome you to visit us at the 6th International Exhibition for the Wire & Cable Industry on October 5 - 7 in Mumbai, India. How would you define competitiveness? For us it means increasing the lifetime value of your technology in different production and market circumstances. We do it by empowering people, production and productivity - by equipping you with the right competency. Read more

In a New Hall with a Fresh Look


K is an event that welcomes change and we've done just that. Rather than finding us at our usual location you'll see us in a hall that's busy with innovation. Come discover where competence counts. You won't want to miss this important rendez-vous. Read more

Maillefer at Booth 207 in IWCS 2016


Join the industry leaders at the 65th IWCS Conference on October 2-5, 2016 in Providence. R&D Director Dr. Mikko Lahti welcomes you to visit our booth 207 on Oct 3 - 4, to discuss high performance and cost effective manufacturing solutions for fiber optic cables. “IWCS is an important venue for the cable and connectivity industry and we are proud to join the Suppliers’ Exhibition” says Dr.Lahti. Read more

Come and Visit Us at wire China 2016


Exceptional offering from the wire and cable manufacturing competence leader. Maillefer is the only W&C technology supplier in the market with roots in cable manufacturing. This combined with the widest application coverage and over 4000 line deliveries has created unique competences available for our customers via several new products. We will introduce many novelties which enhance the competitiveness and responsiveness of wire and cable manufacturers. Competence counts. Read more

New Gas Circulation Blower


Reliable cooling circulation in different phases of the process is essential in making high quality medium, high and extra high voltage cables. The most critical and sensitive element in this circulation system is the blower and how it is sealed mechanically. Read more

Maillefer Consultation


Newly defined Maillefer Consultation best expresses our tradition of bringing know-how to the end users and the owners of our equipment. Read more

Competence that Counts with Maillefer Consultation


What’s to be expected from today’s extrusion manufacturing provider when investing in production capacity or when looking to improve performance? It is a question our customers frequently ask themselves. Read more

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