New Cutter for Medical Tubes

New in Pipe solutions - Cutter for medical tubes //Extend

The CSA 32 combines the cutting, measuring, conveying and collection of extruded tube in one swift process. The number and lengths of collection bins are customized according to product requirements. The holding capacity doubles by opting for bins mounted on both sides. Fault detection sends any scrap tube straight through to the CSA’s exit end.

The equipment is easy to use. The unit’s consolidated frame is mounted on wheels. When cut lengths are required, simply roll the CMB 32 into place, quickly connect, and you are ready to go.


  • Compact all-in-one unit
  • Rotating cutting unit head
  • Contactless length measurement
  • Belt conveyor
  • Single or multiple reception bins and double capacity option
  • Available as a component and as a value package.
Stéphane Badoux

Components Manager Pipe & Tube


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