A Special Force for Irrigation


In order to best respond to the growing demands from the irrigation industry, Manuel Felder, VP of Maillefer's Pipe & Tube business line has gathered together a team of specialists around the company's micro-drip irrigation products. His resulting organization now forms two groups, with a special Irrigation Solutions team headed by Mr. Ernst Geider and the overall Pipe Solutions group headed by Mr. Philippe Giovangrandi.

A Dedicated Channel

Each group functions independently with its own R&D, product management, process know-how, project follow-up, and sales resources. Through a dedicated channel, Mr. Geider aims to respond directly and effeciently to micro-drip irrigation manufacturers worldwide, as they have come to represent a sizeable portion of the business.

Alongside an Overall Offering

Alongside the dedicated channel for irrigation, the overall Pipe Solutions group consolidates its experience across a series of applications. This second group, led by Mr. Giovangrandi, will focus on providing value to manufacturers in the areas of Heating & Plumbing, Automotive, Medical, Blown Fiber & Cable, Offshore Oil & Gas, and Special Applications. Indeed, there are opportunities out there for PERT heating pipe, micro-duct assemblies for fiber optic, offshore flexible pipe, and automotive fuel and vapor return pipes, to name a few.





Ernst Geider, Technical Sales Director, Irrigation Solutions







Philippe Giovangrandi, Technical Sales Director, Pipe Solutions



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