New in Pipe solutions RCB Haul-off and WHC wheel capstan


With an installed base of nearly 350 units, our venerable pipe haul-off was in need of an important modernization. Welcome the new RCB 32!

Maillefer-RCB32 3D-p5-1RCB Haul-off

It is equipped with the latest servomotor and drive technology, an up-to-date control panel, and a gearless free-wheel. The chassis was revisited in order to respect changing safety standards. New subassemblies are simpler to maintain and are designed with up-to-date technology. The RCB 32 is found in several of Maillefer’s pipe and tube extrusion lines, serving applications like medical, micro-duct, automotive, and heating & plumbing.

  • Designed for tubes and pipe up to 32 mm in diameter

  • Adjustable caterpillar belts, simplified maintenance

  • Free-wheel system ensuring equal speed along both belts

  • Centralized controls, safe and readily accessible

  • Geared for speeds up to 300 m/min.

Stéphane Badoux
Components Manager, Pipe Manufacturing Solutions


Stability, smooth operation and silence help describe our new capstan for micro-drip irrigation applications. The WHC is ergonomic and responds to modern safety standards.

Maillefer-WHC460 3D-p5-1WHC wheel capstan

In comparison to the classic haul-off, this capstan was designed for handling product with a soft touch. This is especially important when working with thin and medium wall laterals at high speeds. The capstan leaves no imprint of the dripper visible on the opposite wall surface. The large wheel’s stability means constant linear speed and without inducing a tube roll effect on the product. Drippers are held straight in-line for accurate drilling. Line configurations include a fully integrated capstan, while the WHC is also available as an individual component ready for upgrading into existing lines.

  • Stable capstan wheel with optimum inertia

  • No tube roll effect nor speed variations

  • Soft-touch leaving no dripper imprint

  • Smooth and silent operation

  • Safe and ergonomic.

Yves Zweifel
R&D Process Manager, Irrigation

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