FPO / FTU 14 Pay-off and Take-up

Rated at fourteen (14) tons and with a wide reel size capacity. That's a big order to handle. The FPO / FTU 14 is a floor traversing pay-off and take-up that reveals many possibilities once on the shop floor.

New in low voltage cable production

The FPO / FTU 14 is a floor traversing pay-off and take-up, available in either a tire or dog pin drive version. With the tire drive version, a double tire configuration ensures traction even at high cable tensions. The equipment is rated for reels weighing up to 14 tons and has a capacity to handle a wide range of reel diameters. Spooling is possible in any vertical position leading to faster reel changes when spooling on small reel sizes. The ergonomic control panel is easily accessible from different operator positions.


  • Geared for line speeds of up to 400 m/min
  • Covers a wide reel diameter range from 630 mm up to 3200 mm
  • Available as a tire or dog pin drive version
  • Ensures traction with a double tire configuration
  • Easy to reach hanging control panel.

Toni Niinivirta
Mechanical Engineer

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