Micro-drip Irrigation Tube – a Tool for Smart Water Management

leafWater. Irrigation water. How can growers best use precious water? How not to pollute it, waste it, or have it cause damage to plants and soils? How to use it in helping to grow and fortify crops? Of the various known irrigation techniques, it is micro-drip that offers effective answers to the smart irrigation needs of today.

Awareness in water and soil management is increasing at government levels, where national funding is directed at projects that improve agricultural practices. Fighting water scarcity, pollution, soil salinity and erosion are hot items on the politicians' agendas.

Is water efficiency important to you? 

For over thirty years, Maillefer has been helping manufacturers respond to the world’s growing demand for micro-drip irrigation tube. Our PIL 032 extrusion lines are suited to a variety of needs. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution to develop the business or expanding your worldwide operations with a highly optimized line, we have a configuration that is right for you.

With today’s irrigation techniques, cultivatable surfaces and crop yields can be increased. Water efficiency through micro-drip irrigation provides a solution that limits environmental impact and helps conserve soil quality. Maillefer provides modern high-speed manufacturing systems for a variety of micro-drip irrigation tube designs that respond to agriculture’s demands for smart water usage.

André Gosselin
Marketing Manager, Maillefer

Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing, Novelties & Launches

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