MPC Puller / Cutter is a Winning Combination

The MPC 14 combines both the pulling and cutting operations into one component. This puller / cutter is ideal for medical extrusion lines producing small diameter flexible tubes, from very short to very long lengths.

New in Pipe production

Equipped with a rotating high-speed blade, it cuts tube with a high degree of accuracy and precisely. Depending on the tube produced and its use, desired cut lengths vary from very short sections (e.g. 20 mm) to longer ones (e.g. 4000 mm). Plus, a straight-through feature allows the cutting head to be disengaged when a coiler / reeler is positioned downstream.

The knife blades are easily accessible for replacement or maintenance. All control functions are centralized on the front panel for easy reach. Downstream options include integration with a reception bin for short lengths, a conveying belt, which comes in either a two or four meter cut length version, or a coiler / reeler for nearly limitless lengths.


  • Maximum tube diameters of up to 14 mm
  • Maximum line speed 300 m/min.
  • Maximum cut frequency of 2000/min.
  • High speed rotating blade head
  • Cut length accuracy down to ±0.5 mm
  • Compact all-in-one unit
  • Available as a component and a value package.


Stéphane Badoux
Components Manager

Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing, Novelties & Launches, Solutions, Performance, Uppgrade solutions, Value Corner, Maillefer

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