The Opportunities of Change

Change is an opportunity to make something great. For many reasons, 2020 has certainly been a year of change for all of us. When the comfortable daily routines and rules around us no longer apply, we must adapt and force ourselves to find new ways in dealing with the everyday.

Page2-LarsThe opportunities of change

This year has been a learning experience in many ways. Maillefer is in a business founded on long-lasting partnerships. It’s a pursuit where success depends on active interaction with people; a never-ending quest for new step changers and new solutions. In this year of change, we have proven that the better business systems you have, and the more solid partnerships and networks you build, the easier it becomes to adapt to the new and to continue the path forward.

We have not only adapted the way we efficiently operate our business and globally communicate with our partners. We have also utilized the window of opportunity, which these different circumstances have laid out in front of us. Forcing us to leave our comfort zones has, in many ways, given us the motivation and the challenges to make our minds exercise innovation.

At the moment, Maillefer is experiencing a great flow in creativeness with new breakthrough technology. A few examples of this are the new smart monitoring platform enabling efficiency improvements and operation security on the shop floor; our new artificial intelligence products for buffering lines enabling remarkable line auto control; new irrigation tape emitter lines; and a superior manufacturing solution for HV cable joints.

We look forward to the opportunities to discuss them in more detail.

Lars Fagerholm

Executive Vice President

Topics: Innovation, Performance, Value Corner, Maillefer

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