The Opportunities of Change II

The global cable and tube industries have several great opportunities lying ahead, and technology plays a key role in driving them to success.

The opportunities of change

A sustainability-driven society for tomorrow, a path towards renewable energy generation, and fast-growing demand for higher operational efficiencies that are driven by smart technology are all key drivers for how we will build that future success. These drivers are also playing a central role in today’s R&D strategy at Maillefer. R&D through partnerships has proven to accelerate results.

Today, we are proud to announce that we are actively strengthening our R&D capabilities by doubling our R&D facilities. A new well equipped laboratory supports our pilot work today as well as responding to customer demands. There are new pilot lines for low voltage applications, metal tape folding, and factory joint manufacturing. A smart process monitoring center, the world’s first autonomous secondary coating line, and a quality lab are completing our capabilities to create and serve our partners. Together we are shaping the future.

Lars Fagerholm

Executive Vice President

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