Our New Market Concept Gives the Best Value for Different Capacities and Budgets


In rapidly changing markets, increasing the value of your business can take many forms. Low total cost of ownership is a must in mature markets, and a significant difference can be achieved in various ways.

In some situations, adaptability of your production solution gives an edge against competitors. Sometimes, it all comes down to the product range and type change. Competitiveness can also be enhanced by optimizing capacity and maintenance requirements, depending on your scope.

These variables gave us the boost to renew our offering. We want to provide valuable solutions that create the significant difference in your local marketplace.


Assuring best fit through three different solution levels

To better answer the diverse needs of Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturers worldwide, our portfolio includes now three different levels of production solutions. These solutions vary in capacity, cost, automation, flexibility, product range and space and maintenance requirements.

There is a perfect match for each market situation – you can find the winning production solution in low-end as well as in high-end categories in almost 20 applications. All solutions are designed under the strictest Maillefer quality standards and with good upgradability in mind. On every level, putting together a best technical fit for your investment realities has been the core driver. 

Right capacity for the demand at hand

Forecasting of market demand gets harder every day. Fast urbanization and the interconnectedness of the world challenge the effectiveness of production solutions. With us, you can choose from three different capacity levels without compromising the availability or quality of your production. If you want to enhance your operations further, the widest services offering on the global market is available through us.

Lower production costs with higher material efficiency

Is material efficiency important to you? Our technologies guarantee excellent centricity and high stability for your products. State-of-the-art extruders and crossheads are designed to save material and minimize scrap across your production. We have also minimized the amount of labor whenever reasonable.

Sustainable products mean quality and durability

Purity and smoothness in layers are in the core of our solutions across applications. With us, you can deliver more durable products that are easy to install and secure to use. We believe that quality is a cornerstone of future business and it should not be compromised on any budget level.


Markus Boström, Director, Technology, W&C Solutions

Topics: Wire & cable manufacturing, Production Capacity, Production cost, Pipe & tube manufacturing, Product quality

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