The Many Faces of Consultation

This is the first of three examples of how Maillefer is more than a classic equipment provider. Know-how, value and relationships extend beyond hardware in each and every Consultation case.

Multi-site capacity assessment

This customer has multiple production sites, each in different countries, with different cultures, and operating under different local conditions. Production levels and performances at each location varies. The question arises on how to achieve comparable efficiency from all plants?

Maillefer brings the understanding of industrial engineering into play to provide an outsider’s view and to suggest real change. The assessment includes visits at all sites, interviews with key personnel, review of installed capacity, study of process flows, as well as a detailed assessment report with proposed actions.

Relationships to withlast time

Calling upon an outside source to get expertise represents a courageous and visionary step. It requires confidence that each partner will exercise discretion and not reveal information beyond the given boundaries. We back up Consultation projects with non-disclosure agreements whenever necessary. Customers have shown their loyalty to us for years, some even for decades. Consultation strengthens those bonds that lead to success, together as partners in the extrusion world.

Philippe Moeschler
Vice President Pipe & Tube Business Line

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