World-class Expectations

Legend Valve & Fitting, Inc. has been in the business of providing plumbing and hydronic systems for over 30 years. The bulk of their business came from sales of copper & brass components and systems. That’s until Legend decided to explore the potential for PEX and PERT products nearly ten years ago. “And what a great decision that was,” sums up Mike Boehk, General Manager of American Legend Manufacturing, based in Michigan, USA.

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Becoming skilled in pipe extrusion

Mr. Boehk describes their initiation in producing plastic pipe. “We practice platform manufacturing, where our offering grows thanks to products from outside sources. This was the case when we first added radiant PEX pipe to our catalog. However, we soon came to realize that we had to get our own capacity for manufacturing high quality dual and triple-layer pipes. It would give us the competitive edge we needed. That’s when we contacted Maillefer about beginning to manufacture plastic pipe.”

Performance and quality in excess

The first extrusion line arrived four years ago. Mr. Boehk emphasizes how satisfied he is with the equipment. “We wanted world class manufacturing capability and we got it. In fact, the performance and quality exceeds our initial expectations. Legend is very proud of our Maillefer manufacturing line, so much so that we frequently feature it in customer tours…” Legend Valve’s sights are set even higher with the second extrusion line, which is to be installed early 2019.

A key advantage found with the Maillefer line is that it comes from one-source. Each of the components fit together and communicate with each other. “There is a tight level of integration,” explains M. Boehk. “That’s a benefit to us. Our operators see at a single glance how well the line is operating overall. Plus, the built-in intelligence assists us in isolating scrap, helping us ensure that the product going out the door meets our quality standards.”

An industry with much to offer

As a return customer, Mr. Boehk considers the advantage of interacting with the team at Maillefer – both commercially and technically. “I sense the level of expertise from every contact I have at Maillefer. The people there have plenty of experience. They give me access to a solid knowledge base, which has proven essential. After all, there is always much to learn about this industry.”

Jon Williams
Sales & Service Manager, Maillefer USA

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