XLPE / PP Duality Offers Peace of Mind to Investors

Feel confident about investing in capacity and gain peace of mind about production abilities. Maillefer helps meet those goals with our medium voltage lines, which extrude more than just XLPE materials.

We want our customers to minimize any risk related to their investment; and to provide peace of mind about their production abilities. Maillefer’s latest steps towards meeting those goals are our multipurpose medium voltage lines, capable of extruding standard XLPE materials as well as alternative polymers such as polypropylene-based thermoplastics.

Decades of experience with XLPE cables have proven that our extrusion solutions remain a trustworthy and reliable choice. There is no doubt that XLPE will dominate extruded power cable segment for many years to come. However, for the entrepreneur looking to further the limits, our solutions open the doors for both classic XLPE extrusion and the emerging technologies.

Standard CCV lines dedicated to medium voltage production are transformable into PP-ready production lines with few key modifications. Novel solutions to extruder groups and extrusion technology have been developed and tested with good results. Optimization of new screw designs for higher processing temperatures as well as hybrid heating solutions for crossheads allows us to switch from XLPE to PP production effortlessly.

Traditional CV tubes can be equipped to accommodate the changes needed in the cooling system for PP without interfering with standard XLPE use. By combining the modifications to a CV line with our process know-how, we are able to deliver a highly versatile production line. As a result, the line will have the duality of a normal CV line with one designed for development work in thermoplastics. Maillefer multipurpose lines offer certainty during these less than certain times of transition.

Janne Harjuhahto

Process Development Manager

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