Ideas on Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturing. Hosted by Maillefer.

Packed to go the Distance


The utility industries’ growing need for anticipating fiber optic deployment via preinstalled pathways brings more demand for Maillefer’s micro-duct extrusion solutions. Now our Pipe & Tube offering has expanded performance with a high capacity barrel packing feature. Shorter time to produce, longer lengths, handling ease and resulting lower costs are the result. Read more

Novel Purity Scanner to Minimize Cable Breakdowns


Cable breakdown can cost you your customer. This is especially true for demanding applications, such as high and extra high voltage underground and submarine cables.The most common reason for a cable breakdown is impurities in the XLPE insulation, which is one of the main raw material for this type of cables. To put it in short, the purer the material, the lower the risk of a breakdown. Read more

Is Your Cable Production of Top Performance?


It is not enough to have good machinery and raw materials to produce high quality power cables. Knowledge, skills and state of the art methods are required as well. A properly prepared plan for equipment and systems together with awareness of potential errors helps limit unnecessary costs and reach reliable quality production faster. Read more

Thanks so much for visiting us @wire 2014


Wire 2014 was a great success for us. The number of visitors exceeded all expectations and different market areas around the world were well represented. Read more

News from wire 2014 - Medium voltage CV line to Seval Kablo


The Turkish cable manufacturer Seval Kablo visited our booth 10/D21 on Tuesday 8.4. at wire 2014 in Düsseldorf. Read more

R&D goes live!


Maillefer opened a new R&D center for Wire & Cable applications in Finland in March. After only two weeks of testing we already have very good results to share with customers at the wire 2014 show. Read more

Does Your Factory Represent a Risk or an Opportunity?


Making an investment in capital goods represents a certain amount of risk. New equipment brings with it the unfamiliar and the unexpected. Yet, it also holds great promises when placed in ready and able hands. By building cooperation through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you choose the most uncomplicated way to sustain that competitiveness. Read more

Our New Market Concept Gives the Best Value for Different Capacities and Budgets


In rapidly changing markets, increasing the value of your business takes many forms. Sometimes finding the right capacity for the demand at hand is the key. Another day it is all about lowering your production costs and creating more sustainable products. This has given us the boost to renew our offering, and at wire 2014 we will launch a new market concept with three production solution levels. Read more

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