Ideas on Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturing. Hosted by Maillefer.

R&D goes live!


Maillefer opened a new R&D center for Wire & Cable applications in Finland in March. After only two weeks of testing we already have very good results to share with customers at the wire 2014 show. Read more

Does Your Factory Represent a Risk or an Opportunity?


Making an investment in capital goods represents a certain amount of risk. New equipment brings with it the unfamiliar and the unexpected. Yet, it also holds great promises when placed in ready and able hands. By building cooperation through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you choose the most uncomplicated way to sustain that competitiveness. Read more

Our New Market Concept Gives the Best Value for Different Capacities and Budgets


In rapidly changing markets, increasing the value of your business takes many forms. Sometimes finding the right capacity for the demand at hand is the key. Another day it is all about lowering your production costs and creating more sustainable products. This has given us the boost to renew our offering, and at wire 2014 we will launch a new market concept with three production solution levels. Read more

Maillefer Novelties #2 @wire 2014 – Hall 10 – Booth D21


Wire 2014 is an exciting event for us all – maybe even more than ever before. This year we will launch our brand new market concept with three new solution levels. Also, there are new production solutions for medium voltage and rubber cables, low voltage wire and fiber optic tubes. Read more

Welcome to the Maillefer Blog!


A burning desire to innovate and find solutions how to improve production process conditions has always been a key driver and success factor for Maillefer. Our attitude to rise above today’s solutions in order to improve current manufacturing technology, or solve problems, is the driving force for our people. Read more

Maillefer Novelties at Wire 2014 – Hall 10 – Booth D21


Have you booked your tickets to wire 2014 already? This year, the wire show is especially important for us. It is the place where our new market concept is launched. There will also be changes in our portfolio, and several new products will be launched. One of the novelties is our brand new value package offering. Read more

Building Wire Production Needs Renewal


The building wire market is all about the cost. Just think about the use of cables in modern societies. Cabling is needed in all building types and across infrastructure. It has to be safe, durable, easy to install, but low-cost.. Read more

Micro-drip Irrigation Tube – a Tool for Smart Water Management


Water. Irrigation water. How can growers best use precious water? How not to pollute it, waste it, or have it cause damage to plants and soils? How to use it in helping to grow and fortify crops? Of the various irrigation techniques known, it is micro-drip that offers effective answers to the smart irrigation needs of today. Read more