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New High Voltage Catenary Continuous Vulcanizing Line EPL 50/Enter

Our new High Voltage Catenary Continuous Vulcanizing Line
EPL 50/Enter is a versatile and economical high voltage CCV line for XLPE insulation and crosslinking. Medium voltage cable production is also possible.

The line is equipped with air cooled extruders, the latest screw designs and a proven Maillefer crosshead. The curing process with our Entry Heat Treatment EHT ensures excellent roundness, especially effective with heavy wall thicknesses. The line is an affordable investment, which is easy to start and maintain in different production environments.

What you get

  • Manufacturing start with minimal investment
  • User-friendliness and reduced maintenance for minimal operation costs
  • Minimized start, end scrap and material overconsumption thanks to the combination of
    • Advanced Autocure line control
    • Triple crosshead
    • X-Ray dimensional measurement
    • EHT roundness control.

Jorma Leppänen
Product Manager, MV, HV & EHV Cable Solutions

Tue August 8 2017