CV Process Online Training

(Power Cable production)

Does your production personnel understand how your line is working? Is the cable quality according to the needs of your customers?

Participate in an online extrusion course and get a boost of knowledge.

Summary of the course

  • Review on CV Lines and Components
  • Review on CV Process
  • Cross-linking
  • Extrusion Process
  • Requirements for HV&EHV Cables
  • XLPE Insulation & Semicon Compounds
  • Simulation of CV process (Curing Calculation)
  • Processing Parameters
  • Operation of CV Line
  • Quality Control for XLPE Cables
  • CV Process Troubleshooting
  • Degassing of XLPE Insulated Cables
  • Degassing Calculation


Duration: 2 day course, 6 + 6 hours online

Material will be sent in pdf format

Price: 3000€/p.p and email address, Minimum 4 persons / course


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