Exclusive Training for Micro-drip Irrigation

Personnel change. Young colleagues with a thirst for learning are brought on board, while experienced employees move on to face new challenges. Equipment, technology and methods change too. The pace quickens and diversity of expertise grows. Not surprisingly, the demand for training on our micro-drip irrigation systems is on the rise, particularly for tailored training sessions targeting private groups.


Quality over quantity

Maillefer hosts private sessions for company staff in relation to their equipment. The courses are exclusive. The interest is clearly for quality over quantity with the desire to receive top-notch, individualized content. The exclusivity allows participants to openly address issues that directly concern them, and improves the dynamics of information exchange without reserve.

Open for exchange

The exchange is structured yet informal. Questions are always welcome. How are changes made from one emitter type to another in the shortest time? Which tools are available to efficiently eject the extrusion screw for cleaning? What are the best maintenance practices to follow to assure optimum functioning of the coiler strapping head? What are the consequences at the emitter hole drilling operation when equipment is not properly aligned? What’s available to control emitter spacing? These are some examples of the questions freely asked during a training class.

Tailored content, hassle free

Both experienced and non-experienced trainees will find our training program suited to their interests. The choice of subjects treats general equipment overviews or specific indepth technical know-how, while others are more oriented to process, production, maintenance, or quality concerns.

Classes take place at our facilities using our running equipment, with the advantages of being free of daily routines and with the ability to redo practical exercises without production constraints. Naturally, classes are also available on-location, with training dedicated to a potentially larger group and on your site.

Opportunity to perform

Doing the best job to operate and maintain micro-drip irrigation equipment brings valuable benefit. Motivation, competence, rapidity, autonomy, and flexibility are examples of employee characteristics that can be enhanced through a training session. Give your people the opportunity for higher performance through private training sessions.

Thierry de La Harpe
Product Engineer

Topics: Solutions, Irrigation, Value Corner, Pipe & tube manufacturing

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