Guangzhou – A Major Stop Along the Silk Road

Five-layer automotive extrusion group - Property of Maillefer

广州 – 丝绸之路上的主要停靠站

Chinaplas 2017, the 31st International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, takes place this year in China's major southern city of Guangzhou. Maillefer will present the latest Pipe & Tube manufacturing technologies in product design, materials, applications and processes on the Swiss pavilion 9.2 F71 from May 16 to 19, 2017.

Automotive and Micro-duct does it well

Making up to six-layer automotive fuel and vapor return tube, where each layer serves a specific function, is a complex product to make. But fortunately, our high-performance PAL 032//Extend line does it and does it well. Co-extrusion, quick head set-ups, and over 720 layer combinations are featured at the show.

With demand for FTTx booming in double digits, blown (air jetted) fiber microduct offers a way to prepare infrastructure at an attractive cost-performance ratio. Our PUL 032//Extend lines are complete, single sourced and are able to produce the longest lengths possible.

Micro-drip irrigation, Heating & plumbing and more

More of Maillefer's lines will be presented, like solutions for manufacturing micro-drip irrigation laterals, heating & plumbing pipe, medical IV tube and other special applications.

Our colleagues from Shanghai and Switzerland will travel more or less distance to this major stop along the historic trade route. We warmly welcome you to join them on the Swiss pavilion at Chinaplas, where you too can acquire the extrusion solution that meets your specific needs.

And from Guangzhou...

Chinaplas 2017,第31届国际塑料和橡胶工业展,今年将在中国南方的主要城市广州举行。麦拉菲尔将在2017年5月16日瑞士展团9.2 F71展现有关最新管材制造技术的产品设计、原料、应用和工艺。





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