Maillefer - A Sustainable Choice

Lars Fagerholm, President of the group, states, "Maillefer continues to commit to and demonstrate sustainable value in how we operate and in the performance of our technology. We continuously drive our operations toward more sustainable processes, fully utilize 100 % green energy resources, and invest in our organization and the way of working to meet sustainable and best ethical values.

With a leading technology portfolio and our House of Experts commitment, we support our customers as they strive to make the world more sustainable. Our technology portfolio stands for long-lasting performance. It is always focused on optimal material utilization, waste management, and high-quality end-product production. We are committed to continuously drive our technology to the next level, and we implement sustainability as a top criteria in our R&D pipeline activities. We are committed to staying on the path."

Maillefer announces having received its ISO 14001:2015 certificate, thus completing the certification for the Group. Mr. Fagerholm concludes, "We are happy to receive recognition for the environmental management systems we've put in place. The ISO 14001:2015 certificate shows our commitment to stay on the path of sustainability."


Lars Fagerholm

President, Davis-Standard Infrastructure Business Unit

Maillefer Group

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