Pipe R&D Center Made Official


In time for the Holidays, Maillefer in Switzerland renewed the tradition of a center reserved for R&D excellence. Glasses were raised to toast the ribbon cutting ceremony, which was officiated by Lars Fagerholm - CEO, Félix Ferreiro - VP Pipe & Tube Business Line, and Philippe Moeschler - Operations Director, and included a demonstration of micro-drip irrigation lateral production.


Lars Fagerholm (center), toasts with Philippe Moeschler and Félix Ferreiro (left and right)

A winning synergy for you

The Swiss R&D Center has the capacity to hold two extrusion lines destined for trials and demonstrations with customers. Plus, it has a built-in meeting area that is reserved for those persons discovering the Maillefer experience.

Responding to demands for trials is the Center’s primary purpose. Here, our R&D guys accelerate their development cycles, suppliers validate solutions or test new compounds, and customers get to prove new concepts and product constructions without occupying their own resources. Our trial capacity offers optimum conditions to achieve results at an unmatched pace. The synergy brought about at the R&D Center is a winner for all participants.

Featuring micro-drip irrigation - right now!

Different Pipe & Tube applications plan to be featured at the Center. Right now, it’s micro-drip irrigation. The extrusion line under the spotlight is the newest /Enter line for thin-wall flat laterals. At the inauguration, the R&D team showed off its latest developments to colleagues, including the new /Enter driller and the TCA dual coiler. More applications like medical, automotive, blown-fiber will follow as new developments from R&D become available.

Schedule your time on our new /Enter micro-drip irrigation line. Experience a visit at a Maillefer R&D Center and get the extra boost for your future developments. R&D Centers are located in Switzerland for Pipe & Tube, and in Finland for Wire & Cable.

Yves Zweifel
R&D Manager

Topics: Events, R&D, Novelties & Launches, Innovation, Pipe & tube manufacturing

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