Your Method of Choice for Heating & Plumbing Pipe


Plastic extruded heating & plumbing pipe is characterized by its ability to contain hot water, block contaminants to the drinking supply, and have a long lifetime. Since its introduction decades ago, many production methods and their variants have appeared. Here is a brief overview from our portfolio.

PEX-a pipe using the peroxide method

An infrared oven placed in-line serves to crosslink the extruded pipe containing a peroxide agent. The advantage is a fully crosslinked, ready-to-use product at the end of the production line. Productivity is up to five times higher in comparison to traditional ram extrusion. The end product is smooth, more flexible and has a regular surface finish without rings and irregularities.

PEX-b pipe using the silane method

PEX-b is made using the silane or moisture cure method of crosslinking. The resin is available as a ready-made compound (co-polymer) or can be grafted on-line by direct dosing of the silane ingredient (one-shot Monosil process). The co-polymer type is the most common and is employed by a large number of companies. One advantage of this technology, in comparison to Monosil, is a ready to extrude co-polymer that already has all its stabilization and crosslinking properties given by the material supplier. Plus, the co-polymer's cost has become competitively priced over recent years.

PEX-c pipe using the e-beam method

PEX-c relies on the e-beam radiation method. Here, crosslinking is initiated separately after extrusion by radiating the pipe with an electron beam inside a closed chamber. PEX-c is a clean and chemical-free alternative for producing PEX pipe.

PERT using a raised temperature resin

PERT pipe is made with a PE resin that has a tailor made molecular chain distribution, which gives the polymer mechanical strength without having transversal links between the chains. The PERT material is comparable in cost to PEX. It provides excellent stress crack resistance and long-term hydrostatic strength. Because of the absence of molecular links, PERT has excellent weld ability and offers the possibility to use fusion fittings. And without chemical crosslinking agents, PERT also has good organoleptic properties for potable water.

PEX-AL-PEX composite pipe

PEX-AL-PEX multi-layer pipes are made of aluminum strip sandwiched between two layers of PEX. The aluminum layer offers a 100% oxygen barrier for heating pipe and some rigidity to the pipe, while allowing it to hold its shape during installation. The aluminum layer also provides structural resistance to withstand higher operating temperatures and pressures. The product is considered as the highest standard in heating & plumbing applications.

All available as //Extend

Maillefer offers extrusion lines that respond to your method of choice. Whether opting for the chemical or physical method, a one-shot or two-step process, or single or multi-layer constructions, we can provide you with complete lines coupled with the know-how for successful production. Each line is positioned at the //Extend level for a lean and proven solution. Good upgradability and versatile product range guarantee a technical fit for the future.

Alain Schiess
Product Manager, Heating & Plumbing Pipe Solutions

Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing

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