DHC Crosshead for Rubber Cable Production

DHC 60/90 /Enter crosshead

A perfect solution for single and dual layer extrusion of LV and MV rubber cables. With the quick change of tools, products can be programmed with minimum down time of the production line.

The conical design allows improved contact between parts with improved centering, sealing and heat transmission. Conical parts are also easier to assemble and dismantle. Large flow channels minimize the melt pressure. The lower pressure allows higher production speeds and reduces the risk for scorch.



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The Key to Excellent Cable Core Roundness

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Quality control and meeting the product specifications are very important in power cable production. We offer a new method for reliable and error ...

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New Three-layer Crosshead

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Our new three-layer crosshead THX 100/180 LR is now available for high and extra high voltage cable insulations. Optimized bi-flow distributors ...

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///Explore - A perfect solution for HV & EHV ...

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The THC100/180LR crosshead is here. Its optimized Bi-Flow distributors enable accurate wall thickness, centricity and roundness of the cable. 

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