A New Value Package is Here


All cable manufacturers know that joining a conductor in a CV line within a limited time frame is very challenging. We offer a method to make reliable conductor joints faster than ever for medium voltage (MV) and even high (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) cables with milliken conductors.

Fast and reliable conductor joints

Quick Conductor Splicing is available as a Value Package for MV cables. It includes a crimping table arrangement with a conductor guide, a clamp, a hydraulic crimping machine positioned right after the pay-off stand, and precise specially designed conductor splicing sleeves. The joined conductor keeps the same diameter upon crimping of the splicing sleeve, thus eliminating the risk of conductor blockage at the triple crosshead’s wire guide.

Adding benefit

  • Reliability − no line stops due to joint break 
  • Quick 
    • Splicing in just 1 - 2 minutes
    • The risk of stopping or even slowing down the line is eliminated
    • Allows for a shorter pay-off accumulator or use of only one pay-off
  • Flexibility − splices different conductor sizes and materials
  • Easy to adapt into existing or new CV line.


Jorma Leppänen
Product Manager, MV/HV/EHV Cable Solutions

Topics: Product quality, Production Capacity, Novelties & Launches, Wire & cable manufacturing

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