CMB Cutter is a Welcome Arrival for Accurate Tube Lengths

The new CMB 32 is specially designed to cut medical or automotive tubes with unheard of accuracy and precision. The high-speed blade cuts tube fast, safely and with ease. 


New in Pipe production

The modern drive system allows a very wide speed range. Both low and high torque versions are available, depending on the diameters of tube produced. The knife blades are easily accessible for replacement or maintenance. All control functions are centralized on the front panel for easy reach. Options include a reception table as well as a straight-through feature when coiling is preferred over cutting.


  • Maximum tube diameters of 12 or 32 mm, according to torque version
  • Minimum tube length of 60 mm
  • Compact all-in-one unit
  • Rotating blade head
  • Cut length accuracy of 1‰ with Maillefer haul-off
  • Available as a component and a value package.


Stéphane Badoux
Components Manager

Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing, Novelties & Launches, Solutions, Performance, Support Services, Uppgrade solutions, Value Corner, Maillefer