Micro-drip Irrigation Tube - Rapid Rupture Response

leafWith its most recent micro-drip irrigation extrusion line, PIL // Explore, Maillefer continues to build-in innovative solutions that improve ease of use and augment performance. Our Rapid Rupture Response (triple-R) feature addresses quality and performance issues that occasionally arise during production – complete tube breaks and smaller wall tears. When they do happen, the aim is to minimize down time and rapidly return to full quality production.

Ruptures Happen

A complete tube break unfortunately results in a full line stop. How to avoid polymer bleeding into the calibration trough and dripper melting onto insertion equipment? It’s a time consuming and tedious clean-up job that awaits the operator. Meanwhile, finished product no longer flows from the line.

Rapid Response

Fortunately, the triple-R feature includes detection of tube breaks and a fast reaction in consequence. The area around the head is immediately freed, which leaves polymer bleeding on the floor rather than into equipment. The tube downstream is stopped with minimum distance from the breakage point. At this point, all the advantages of the PIL // Explore line are brought into play.

The fixed chassis of the insertion and calibration sections give the operator the ease of returning retracted equipment back to pre-set alignment positions, without complicated adjustments. With the tube’s break point is only an arm’s reach away, the operator easily joins the tube at the extrusion head and returns to full quality production within minutes. Scrap is limited, identified, and isolated from quality product. Soon finished product can rapidly flow from the line again.

Patent Pending

The second rapid response feature is detection of tears and fracture points along the tube wall. Maillefer’s patent pending technology immediately identifies the faults in real-time during production. Response is configurable according the fault degree. Tube lengths can be automatically treated according to the scrap management strategy in vigor.

For over thirty years, Maillefer has been helping manufacturers respond to the world’s growing demand for micro-drip irrigation tube. Our PIL extrusion lines are suited to a variety of needs. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution to develop the business or expanding your worldwide operations with a highly optimized line, we have a configuration that is right for you.

Ernst Geider
Product Manager

Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing, Novelties & Launches, Innovation, Product quality

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