Curing Calculator Goes Web-enabled

Our NCC curing calculation tool migrates to an easily accessible web-based software. Optimize production speeds and share simulations between sites with increasing ease.

Have you ever wondered how fast your line could go after an upgrade? We are seriously upgrading a familiar tool to help production and investment planning in an easily approachable format. Our NCC curing calculation tool has been industry-leading for many decades, and now we are transferring the same value proposition to an easily accessible web-based software.


Proven NCC engine at the core

Running on the same calculation engine, web-NCC offers tools for calculating production speeds for new cable products on any of your CV lines. An integrated line database makes it easy to calculate a single construction on many lines and find which line is better suited for running a single product.


Premium services include benchmarking equipment upgrades for current lines and production speed calculations on hypothetical future lines yet to be constructed. You can run your product mix through different line configurations and select the most desirable upgrade package or a whole new CV line configuration.


Insights on curing to share

This is an ideal tool for process engineers with multiple CV lines looking to optimize production speeds. It also makes it easier to share simulations between sites, discuss process conditions with colleagues, or troubleshoot with Maillefer specialists.


Janne Harjuhahto, R&D Specialist


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