Improving Present Performance of the EKP50 Take-ups

EKP50 Dual Take-ups were introduced to the market more than 30 years ago and since then more than 650 units have been delivered worldwide.



Have your process and production needs changed since you have received your EKP?

Maillefer Services can help Customers to modify the method of reel handling, reel sizes, wire size or some other functions in the EKP which are different or are missing now from the equipment.

Are you having difficulties to get spare parts or tech support for your EKP?

In case your 20 - 30 years old but faithful EKP still has the original PLC and analogical DC-drives it is highly recommended to replace those obsolete items with modern technology to secure spare parts supply and technical support for the EKP, when required.

Are you having availability difficulties due to an unreliable EKP and need to improve its performance?

The overall effectiveness of an equipment decreases with time as systems become worn and outdated or operating standards drop below the optimum levels. Shortcuts, substitutes, and work-around are often used in an effort to maintain functionality. This results often in lost time, lost production, and unsafe conditions.

Through an equipment electro-mechanical refurbishment, which includes a new control cabinet, our Maillefer manufacturing facilities helps you restore the equipment to original performance levels and allows you to meet your availability and reliability requirements once again. Suffer no more from random machine failures due to unreliable operation of the worn mechanics and aged electrical components.  In order to minimize your line downtime, Maillefer can also offer you a spare machine throughout the time your EKP unit is being upgraded with new components and parts.

Would you like to learn more about our solutions?

We, at Maillefer Services, believe that our Customers want to limit the consequences of the unexpected, keep service costs under control and keep their assets at an optimal level. Our upgrade and refurbishment solutions are developed to cover a wide range of equipment and systems. We give recommendations to increase the capacity of the production lines by providing the best in class technology and by delivering turnkey update & upgrade packages to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We have succesfully delivered several EKP upgrade and refurbishment projects to our customers.

Naturally we also support in refurbishing other versions of EKP’s, e.g. EKP63, 100 and 130. Share your requirements with us. We would be happy to provide you with all the details about a solution specifically designed to your situation.

Roger Möller
Vice President, Maillefer Services

Topics: Support Services, Performance

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