Maillefer Certified for ISO 14001 and Marks Points for the Environment

Our center for the Pipe & Tube business in Ecublens, Switzerland announces certification according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. The achievement is a clear illustration of our commitment towards sustainability, and of more to follow.

Soon, we expect certification from Finland to follow. Our Vantaa operation for Wire & Cable is currently undergoing a similar process, one of several initiatives underway throughout the entire Davis-Standard group of companies.

ISO 14001 and 9001 certified

Maillefer’s center for Pipe & Tube solutions has been recognized for the environmental management systems efforts realized over recent years. The accrediting body for Switzerland announced the decision for our Ecublens’ site on August 19, 2021, following a successful ISO 14001 audit that took place in the days prior. In parallel with the ISO 14001 certification, Ecublens also underwent the ISO 9001:2015 renewal process. It too was successful. We continue to be identified for the quality processes first put in place in 1994. Maillefer looks forward to celebrate soon with the newly issued certificates in hand.

Impact both internally and externally

Environmental Management Systems aim to be beneficial to the planet in which we evolve. We review machine development & design, our manufacturing energy savings & recycling, and supply chain commitment to the standard. Environmental impact results both from our own operations as well as from the products we deliver. Alongside the consequence of our own activities, we have an even bigger influence on the installed base currently producing in wire, cable, pipe & tube factories worldwide. Here, we are bringing results to customers facing multiple issues, notably OEE, scrap reduction, material overuse, utilities consumption (water, energy, air), and more.

Maillefer solutions are durable. From conception to services, our equipment is made to withstand extended use and the test of time. We provide upgrades to customers retrofitting the original equipment and to meet changing demands. This may mean modifying processing ability, adapting the product mix, or increasing capacity and performance. Maillefer offers attractive means to keep equipment going rather than giving in to wasteful behavior.

A group effort

The ISO 14001 certification expresses concern for an environment that is essential for our future. Maillefer adheres to the dynamic movement currently underway. ISO 14001 is one essential step leading to successive ones that await. Maillefer together with Davis-Standard continues the considerable undertaking on several fronts. Environmental awareness is increasing across the board and within the group’s multiple organizations. Our aim is to bring the positive achievements from this certification to the industries that we serve.

Philippe Moeschler

Vice President Pipe & Tube Business Line

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