Maillefer on Booth 709 at IWCS 2015


IWCS is an important venue for the cable and connectivity industry and we are proud to join the Suppliers’ Exhibition. R&D Director Dr.
Mikko Lahti welcomes you to Maillefer’s booth 709 to discuss with the attending specialists about our high performance and cost effective manufacturing systems for fiber optic cables.

It has been a busy year at our new R&D Center in Finland. We have reached the ultra-high speed of 1000 m/min with the new secondary coating line OEL 40///Explore. Secondary coating is the most essential part of the fiber optic cable production process. But by considering the consistent quality of loose tube as a starting point, we were able to develop our offering to also better respond to the other requirements of the fiber optic cable production. Dr. Lahti will be available during the whole conference (Oct. 5 - 8) to discuss the results of his work and the manufacturing solutions currently available.

Three different solution levels

OEL 40/Enter: If you are considering to start fiber optic cable manufacturing, our OEL 40/Enter is a quality choice that is in range of
start-up investment plans. The line speed reaches up to 300 m/min for jelly filled tubes. OEL 40/Enter is a robust, low maintenance line,
with which you get maximum productivity from day one.

OEL 40//Extend: If you are interested in a high-speed, flexible secondary coating line, our OEL 40//Extend is a lean and proven solution for you. The line speed reaches up to 500 m/min and it works perfectly with both jelly-filled and dry tubes. The high quality of loose tube is ensured by Excess Fiber Length (EFL) and shrinkage control with the compression caterpillar CCA 1000.

OEL 40///Explore: If you prefer ultra-high speed production with the ability to use a variety of materials, you should choose our
OEL 40///Explore. The line and its components are fine tuned for high speeds. This includes precise alignment and balancing of all rotating
and moving parts. With an output of up to 1000 m/min, the line provides you with jelly filled and dry loose tubes within tight quality
tolerances. EFL and shrinkage control with the CCA 1000 compression caterpillar are also included.

Mikko Lahti
Director, R&D

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