Multiply the Probabilities for Success


An extrusion line is composed of many components linked together in series. When a supplier delivers a less than reliable piece of equipment, the likelihood of line failure grows and the level of acceptability drops. We can only insist that particular care be exercised when choosing your extrusion equipment and provider.

A measure of success

A measure of how successful a system operates is to consider the probability of how well each part will function over a certain period. Try out this exercise. Imagine these three figures – 0.97, 0.95 and 0.87. They represent the success probabilities of three integrated machines composing a simple line. Now, what is the probability that all three machines operate together successfully? An optimistic average of 0.93 might get you back to checking your calculations. Try a realistic 0.80, which is the product of all three.

This result means that there is an 80% chance for the three integrated machines to operate together, or that the line is likely to fail 2 times out of 10. Not worth boasting about. The weak link is the lower 0.87 number. We can see how a single machine can bring down the success probability of a whole system, not to mention the level of satisfaction. Thus, the goal is to seek out equipment offering the best chances towards success.

Demanding Standards

Our Engineering, Procurement and Operation teams work to provide you with the highest level of reliability possible. Maillefer has always prided itself for delivering complete integrated lines to our customers and backing our reputation with support and service in the long term.

Philippe Moeschler, VP, Pipe & Tube Business Line, states, "Every component is reviewed in-house. Whether an OEM or a Maillefer machine, we look at each item several times as it moves through the supply chain. Engineering specifies, procurement selects supply, manufacturing operations control compliance and verify performance, and service ensures acceptance." Our standards are demanding, continues Mr. Moeschler, "it's the only way to ensure return business from existing customers and the means to differentiate Maillefer from the multitude of competitors who focus on individual machines. Few are those capable of delivering complete systems and for assuming the responsibility expected from a one-stop shop."

Acceptability - no more, no less

For some applications, like multi-layer composite pipe, one can count up to 50 machines and sub-systems. For Alain Schiess, Product Manager for Heating & Plumbing applications, reliability is important but so is customer acceptability. "The customer's personnel that runs our equipment require operating procedures that are understandable and practical to follow." emphasizes Mr. Schiess. "The better I allow them to do their job, the easier mine becomes."

"With so many interrelated components, we need to have a very good comprehension how each part fits into the entire production system. Thankfully our engineers form a multidisciplinary team with knowledge in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, control, extrusion, refrigeration and more. Combined with practical experience coming from the field, we have the means of delivering lines that meet customer acceptance. Very few extrusion line manufacturers in the world meet that challenge and I am happy to be working for the principal one."

Philippe Moeschler
VP, Pipe & Tube Business Line

Alain Schiess
Product Manager, Heating & Plumbing Pipe Solutions

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