Giving Credit to Components

 Extrusion+Heads+3dWhere would the expected performance of an extrusion line be without placing high expectations on the components themselves? That is the approach we take with the machines that compose our multitude of extrusion lines. Those same components, proposed individually, also become worthy allies when considering to upgrade existing lines. With a new Maillefer component, your overall performance gets a serious boost. Your line has the potential to become greater than the sum of all its parts.

Acting on the weak link

Your line performance desires are often limited by the realities of customer demand, investment possibilities, employee capabilities, space constraints, and more. What may have been a satisfactory situation during the initial line acquisition could evolve towards a noticeable deficiency over time. There is always a bottleneck, or a weak link in the chain somewhere, that defines throughput. Success is knowing where it is at all times and being ready to remove it from the critical path. That is when new components can help.

Case of a take-up

A simple example was a factory having a small diameter wire extrusion line with a single reel take-up and a high-performance extruder. The extruder could output more but it was limited by the maximum line speed imposed downstream. Line ramp-ups and ramp-downs, manual reel handling, etc., made the take-up an obvious candidate for replacement. In this case, a new fully automatic dual take-up swapped into place removed the constraint. The extruder now revolves at peak rpm, the line can run faster, at constant speed and without interruptions. The operator is freed from tasks at the take-up end to concentrate more on making quality product.

Fully automatic dual take-up EKP 8

Extrusion heads (top) and dual take-up as shown when
navigating under Components on

Acquiring new components

Crossheads, extruders, winding, and downstream equipment are some examples of what we have to offer you to improve your production capacity. Our component catalogue is large. A sample of the most popular items are briefly presented on our website, under the Components tab at But, if you do not find what you're looking for, it does not mean we do not have it. In any case, contact us for more details on your specific component requirements.

Harry Excell
Sales Manager, Maillefer Services

Marc Siegfried
Service Manager, Maillefer Services

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