Oriental Seizes Special Tubing Opportunity


Oriental Electrical Components Pvt. Ltd.is a family owned & operated manufacturing company established in 1974, based in India and serving a global market. With three manufacturing facilities spread across nearly 2 hectares (or 5 acres), they provide a wide range of products covering electrical connectors, cable accessories & plumbing fittings.

Recognizing the opportunity…

We asked Naresh Shudra, Project Manager – Development and Operation, about his company's recent purchase of a tandem extrusion line and how it fit into Oriental's business plans. "Our principal activity revolves around electrical connectors and plumbing fittings, which regularly brings us in contact with the international automotive industry. It is through this channel that we came upon the opportunity to produce nylon reinforced tubing for vehicle air brakes that is destined for export."

…and acting on it

Seizing the opportunity, Oriental acquired a dual layer tandem extrusion line from Maillefer. The specific line configuration incorporates a yarn braiding machine and had to be capable of manufacturing product that would meet the SAE International Surface Vehicle Standard for Nonmetallic Air Brake System Tubing.

Mr. Shudra introduces the project, "We contacted Maillefer at the very beginning to work out all the details for our special configuration." The line begins with an MXC 45-24D extruder and TL-54 head configured to process the inner polyamide (PA) layer. In midstream, after calibration, cooling and quality control, the tube enters the braiding machine then continues into the outer PA layer extrusion group composed of a second MXC 45-24D and an ECH 35/45 crosshead. The downstream equipment includes another series of calibration, cooling and quality checks and ends with the customer's supplied winding solution.

One success leads to another

"The line has just recently been put into service," explains Mr. Shudra with satisfaction. "We have begun successfully producing the desired product. This has led us to another demand. With some additional tooling for the TL-54 head acquired this year, we can now produce single layer PA tube on the same line for another application."

Capacity matched

Answering customer needs for special pipes and tubes, like we did with Mr. Shudra at Oriental, is a welcome occasion for Maillefer. It gets us to question our existing solutions and generate innovative technology. Because our extrusion line components are designed with flexibility in mind, Maillefer can match you with a line configuration that helps you seize today's opportunities.

Philippe Giovangrandi
Technical Sales Director, Pipe & Tube Business

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