Partnerships and Smart Technology Drive Success

In today’s fast evolving business world, the stakes in decision making are getting higher. Speed, in every sense of the term, is growing more essential.  Maillefer’s choice of serving as a House of Experts is a given, and so offers a solid platform for building partnerships.

It is rewarding to notice how leading players in the Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube businesses, are strategically selecting and placing value on partnerships for development and supply activities. Mutual commitment through partnerships is proving to drive targeted results faster, both in the short and long terms.

The year for Smart Technology

Our theme in Düsseldorf this year is Smart Technology. The applications are many. Perspectives magazine highlights the revolutionary Maillefer Round Curing (MRC) technology. It is a perfect example of how smart technology enables superior cable quality for the highest outputs available in HV cable production. In the same cable application, our new Topography scanning technology guarantees repeatability to maintain performance, day-in, day-out.

Indeed, Smart Technology and artificial intelligence solutions have become for Maillefer an important means to reach the next levels in line performance.

  • They help us much further extend the possibilities to drive efficiency and quality.
  • They help us predict upcoming process challenges, and inform how to avoid non-desired downtime, or to minimize scrap.
  • They help us collect and analyze data, then automatically optimize the process through the process control system to create autonomous process solutions.
  • They help us manage and optimize everything taking place on the shop floor.

Our expertise in this field grows daily. Customer references report continued success, as the Smart Technology realizations ripple fast across the industry.

Lars Fagerholm


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