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A burning desire to innovate and find solutions how to improve production process conditions has always been a key driver and success factor for Maillefer. Our attitude to rise above today’s solutions in order to improve current manufacturing technology, or solve problems, is the driving force for our people. Crasman Stage: maillefer.

Know-how, systems and solutions which bring real benefits for the customer's performance, competiveness, and profitability have become more important than ever. Listening more closely to our customers and understanding their real needs and their markets play key roles in our business philosophy. We are keen to offer solutions which match exact needs and provide maximum value.

Maillefer is known for its innovative products, valued services and good quality. Moving forward, this alone is not enough!

Our vision is to lead by providing a recognized difference. This applies to the products we provide, as well as to how we serve our customers; locally and efficiently, directly person-to-person or easily via our networks. Our brand new blog is one of our openings towards even better partnerships. It is part of the tools, with which we support our customers in bringing their operations to new levels.

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Lars Fagerholm

CEO, Maillefer Group

Topics: Performance solutions, Maintenance solutions, Upgrade Solutions, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation, Pipe & tube manufacturing

Micro-drip Irrigation Tube - Rapid Rupture ...

Tags: Product quality, Novelties & Launches, Innovation, Pipe & tube manufacturing

With its most recent micro-drip irrigation extrusion line, PIL // Explore, Maillefer continues to build-in innovative solutions that improve ease of ...

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Maillefer Consultation Brings Value to Service

Tags: Performance solutions, Maillefer Services, Maintenance solutions, Service Level Agreement, Wire & cable manufacturing, Pipe & tube manufacturing

We've positioned ourselves as technology leader in plastic extrusion having the widest systems and services portfolio for the global wire, cable, ...

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A Special Force for Irrigation

Tags: Novelties & Launches, Pipe & tube manufacturing

In order to best respond to the growing demands from the irrigation industry, Manuel Felder, VP of Maillefer's Pipe & Tube business line has ...

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