Sesta Envisions a Multilayer Pipe Future

The two young entrepreneurs already had extensive experience in the plumbing and heating industry when they first came up with their plan, one that would prove to be quite successful. The passion and commitment brought to the enterprise at the beginning continues today.

In 2005, from the chosen site in Benevento, Italy, the founders launched SESTA Srl. They acquired the necessary equipment, know-how, and began extruding PEX-Al-PEX multilayer composite pipe for a ready market. The passion and commitment brought to the enterprise at the beginning continues today with plans for expansion and for a broadening catalogue of pipe installation systems.

A sister and brother vision

Vittore Jannone gives some insight about SESTA and the direction that she and her brother, Riccardo Jannone, give to their enterprise. The company currently has Maillefer extrusion lines that produce both PEX-B and PERT types of composite pipe, from 14 to 32 mm OD.

Ms. Jannone begins, “On the market we offer a pipe and fitting system, all DVGW and IIP certified. This has allowed us to develop sales not only on the Italian market but also abroad, where we export 70% of our products to over 22 countries.” Indeed, SESTA has become a serious contender in composite pipe and systems, both on the national level and internationally.

“We believe that the market of multilayer pipe, both with aluminum and with the EVOH oxygen barrier, is still growing,” continues Ms. Jannone. “In the established European markets, composite pipe is readily replacing copper, iron and plastic. Even in countries such as England and France who have shown reluctance to move from traditional piping, they too have adopted the multilayer technology. Plus, we see the demand in the newer markets of Eastern Europe and Northern Africa clearly developing.”

Achieving the goals

The Jannone pair face challenges in the coming future. “SESTA needs to expand its production range within the next five years. We need to offer pipe diameters above 32 mm, and up to 75 mm OD. Production of multilayer EVOH and PEX-A pipe must begin. And, we must also include the capacity to make PPSU fittings.”

To achieve the goals, SESTA is adding an expansion to make way for the extra capacity already ordered. Installation of a Manufacturing Enterprise System in an Industry 4.0 environment is part of the plan too. Ms. Jannone expects “…to have a complete and timely vision of the plant in operation. With the new system, production planning will be greatly facilitated.”

Giving thought to the future

“Maillefer has a strategic role to play,” emphasizes Ms. Jannone. “We collaborate in the development of not only current products but also for future ones. Tube quality is ever more demanding, production speeds are on the rise, and new raw materials and suppliers are being introduced. Industry 4.0 projects are developing, and the extrusion lines require well-thought-out integration into the MES system.”

When asked to summarize the key successes achieved up to now thanks to the updated capacity, Ms. Jannone responds with an entrepreneurial spirit, “An increase in sales volume and margins.”


Frédéric Carnicer
Sales Manager

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