State-of-the-Art Head Centering

Attain concentricity levels of 97% and more with the ACDH auto centering extrusion head for cable insulation or jacketing. Adjust wall thickness automatically.


ACDH 35/45 Auto Centering Die Head


This centering system automatically adjusts wall thickness of cable insulation or jacketing layers. Concentricity is ensured by an X-ray gauge and closed-loop controls, resulting in even wall distribution with minimum thickness variations. Real-time data collected from the gauge allows for making immediate adjustments. Achieving concentricity levels of 97% and more is possible. Such results are difficult to attain through the traditional and time-consuming methods (i.e. manual adjustments of four centering bolts).



  • Improved precision and reactivity
  • Reproducible results and time savings
  • Better process control with less scrap
  • Ease of use via touch display
  • Optional connection to wall thickness measurement
  • Logging of parameter settings
  • Available as an upgrade for existing extrusion dies.


Jarno Paija



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