State of the Art Next Generation Extruder

Proudly introducing the first of the MXD series, Maillefer releases its first 80 mm 30 L/D extruder from shop assembly. It is geared for today’s pipe & tube manufacturing requirements.

The first 80 mm 30 L/D extruder is geared for today’s pipe & tube manufacturing requirements and readied to face the years to come. Indeed, the MXD machines arrive to industry that is quickly evolving. This extruder is equipped with the most up-to-date motors, drives, and controls. Each machine is built around a proven family of Maillefer screws and barrels. The MXD is available in either a standard flow rate version or higher output one.

The MXD 80 is a key element when integrated into a complete line or as a standalone machine with its own dedicated interface. It is Industry 4.0 ready and easily fits into a world of digitalization.


  • Exists in both standard and high performance versions
  • Available in 24, 30 and 36 L/D formats
  • Variety of screw designs for general or specific processing needs
  • Compact footprint design for close-fitting co-extrusion groups
  • Easy to integrate as an individual component.


Norbert Jotterand, Engineering Manager


Topics: Performance solutions, Product quality, Maillefer, Digitalization, Pipe & tube manufacturing, Extruder

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