Your Lifeline to Maillefer Services

As with any company who needs to reach out to its customers over long distances, Maillefer has a secure and fast way of bringing you remote assistance. It is likened to having your own virtual technical support team on hand. Solve problems quickly with a substantial gain of time and efficiency.


Maillefer lines delivered since 2010 are equipped with Secure Remote Support via an Ewon® system ( This industrial remote connectivity solution allows customers to link their line control to Maillefer Services securely and on demand, from wherever their facility is located.


Establish a connection when needed

At times, it is reassuring to reach for a lifeline when an urgent intervention is needed. No time to wait for a technician to fly in. Also, a remote connection can bring helpful assistance to better understand realtime conditions, or to assist in scheduled patches and maintenance tasks to the line control’s subsystems. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • Real-time error correction and troubleshooting
  • Online technical assistance with experts responding to your requests during business hours, via telephone or by e-mail
  • Software application support and maintenance
  • Full line monitoring
  • Modifications and settings.

Secure for an industrial environment

Security and data protection are very important both for customers and for us, that’s why we rely on a proven solution from a known industrial supplier. A connection made through Secure Remote Support is protected by VPN and a secure firewall which serves to avoid any unauthorized access.

Initial implementation of remote support fits well to the majority of IT policies in place. The Ewon® solution is a recognized standard. Alternative systems are currently under review, in order to cover the palette of LAN network configurations that we find at customer facilities.

Secure Remote Support is available to you. If your line is not yet equipped yet, or if you require further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Roger Möller, VP Services


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