Look Dashing with a Bluebox

What is a Bluebox, and why blue in particular ?

Industry 4.0 has passed through here and with it a fresh way of looking at and consolidating information coming from your factory floor.

Correlate the flood of data

Data flows in all directions within a modern manufacturing environment. It moves between sensors, actuators, measuring devices, motor-drive units, controls, planning and quality systems, all capable of generating and interpreting data. Nor is it limited or constrained within closed environments, but rather rich and interconnected. So, how can one easily collect and correlate the flood of factory data into useful information for daily decision making?

Maillefer’s Bluebox is an Industry 4.0 data storage system developed for high-speed acquisition and storage from all levels. Its open query technology allows easy access to vital details. One’s ability to generate tailored charts and reports has never been easier. Place decisive and understandable information in the hands of operators, engineers, and operation managers. This enables faster, more informed decisions while keeping everyone up-to-date on operational performances.

An Industry 4.0 scene

Imagine a probable scene in extrusion processing, where suddenly the wall thickness or diameter measures jump out of tolerance. Outside the factory, it’s cold. That’s when you realize that the shipping department has just opened wide the doors to get product on a truck and out to a key customer. If only you could tie into facility management data to correlate the event to quality control. This is one example where a Bluebox could come in handy.

Fitting anywhere

Industrial standards have gone into the definition of the Bluebox. Flexible interfacing allows it to communicate directly on the I/O level or via a range of PLC protocols and through OPC UA. A Bluebox connects via a wired or wireless local network. Its compact yet robust frame easily fits anywhere in the factory. The Bluebox is now available as an /Enter version that provides the essential trending and charting features.

Why blue?

Oh, and why is the box blue? Why not? It is our color our choice. Plus, we think the Bluebox looks good alongside one of our extrusion lines.

Patrick Bardet

Automation Manager


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