A Sizeable Solution for Winding Microducts

Blown-fiber microducts are extending their reach into homes, buildings, neighborhoods and in urban districts. Each tube construction responds to specific functional needs coming from the field, such as few connection points.

Different microduct constructions, diameters and lengths have found their way into FTTx networks. We see microducts extending their reach into homes, buildings, neighborhoods and in urban districts. Each situation has its specific functional needs in terms of the product’s design. A microduct buried directly in the ground, for example, offers insight on why few connection points over long distances are preferred.

Expanded range with the KWS reeler

Recently we introduced a KWD 1250 dual reeler, which handles reels having extra available product volume in comparison to the smaller 1000 model. Yet, extrusion line performance and microduct winding operations continue to be the subject of improvements and innovative design.

Certain manufacturers need more than what the KWD can hold. This is where the new KWS 1450 comes in. It is specified to cover a wide range of microduct, starting with diameters of 5 mm and topping off just under the larger 30 mm. Potentially, it can hold significantly more volume on a reel as well. Sizeable indeed – the max full bobbin weight supported is easily over 500 kg.

Accumulate without interruption

Though the KWS is a manual single reeler, when coupled to an accumulator, the combination becomes a formidable pair. It is an attractive solution to get a boost in capacity while running continuously, without interruption and at constant production speed.

The KWS integrates seamlessly at the end of our microduct Pipe Extrusion Line, PUL 032//Extend. The reeler paired with an accumulator gives manufacturers the ability to wind a larger range of microducts on bigger volume reels. The full reels that reach the line’s exit point are ready to move on to the next operation, where product is paid out individually and bundled together into a principal duct on the Assembly & Sheathing Line, PUL 063//Extend. Here, a final product can require bundles with up to 24 microducts and with a total outer diameter of up to 63 mm max.

Generous microduct range

Maillefer’s microduct extrusion lines are complete, fully integrated solutions that are available from one source. Shorter time to produce, a generous range of diameters and volumes, handling ease and resulting lower costs are possible with the KWS and KWD reelers. Our lines offer manufacturers the solutions that help them meet the growing demands for fiber optic deployment - solutions that help them go the distance.

Philippe Giovangrandi

Technical Director

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