AI Invests Our Product Portfolio

AI Invests Our Product Portfolio

Solutions in Artificial Intelligence are developing rapidly and have invested our product portfolio. We employ the latest AI technology to help our customers create value from their data. Based on the information compiled, AI helps human decision making and even assists in certain industrial processes directly.

The core of AI lies in automated information extraction. The AI revolution is made possible via new sensor technologies, high performance computer and accelerator platforms, advanced data mining and machine learning methods.

Data models working with you

The AI systems form an integral part in making smarter manufacturing equipment. AI based products allow better end-quality products, higher AI Invests Our Product Portfolio manufacturing efficiency, and in the future they will become an integral part of advanced forms of smart process control and the smart factory concept. We develop efficient AI systems that turn data and process knowledge into powerful machine learning based process models. Those models allow us to implement smart manufacturing products using AI and that have the acquired experience to operate in real time.

Topography scanning and Smart buffering

Two of our products are noteworthy examples. The Topography Scanner provides inspection of cable surface in much higher detail then has ever been possible. It gives new quality metrics to monitor the cable manufacturing Maillefer process. Metrics include roundness and surface waviness that are used to improve process conditions or to detect a need for equipment maintenance. The Topography Scanner’s AI analyzes the cable surface data and detects cable surface defects and anomalies, while ignoring false alerts. Its valuable information is correlated in novel ways to improve productivity and core quality as a whole and reduce unnecessary scrap.

Smart Buffering uses existing process data and predictive AI models for on-line quality control of optical fiber secondary coating lines. Smart Buffering leads to higher productivity with better quality. The AI system constantly observes the production process and is able to predictively inform the operator on expected end quality and suggest corrective actions. Operators work to immediately remedy the situation and see the predicted result in real time.

AI to become the norm

In the near future, more smart AI based solutions will join Maillefer’s product portfolio. They come as a complement to the traditional tools, the process knowledge and the human factor. AI will bring about a younger generation of solutions and methods for further developing the manufacturing processes. We expect better quality end products to be manufactured with higher efficiency – aimed at helping our customers to thrive in the new digital era.

Jussi Hanhirova

R&D Data Manager


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