State-of-the-Art Crosshead for Tough Building Wire

The new ECH 35/45 DL crosshead is designed especially for building wire applications having the toughest demands, as specified by the CPR (Construction Product Regulation).

This head is designed especially for building wire applications with demanding polymers. It meets the toughest requirements for a variety of materials, in particular as specified in the CPR (Construction Product Regulation) requirements.

This crosshead can be used in single- and dual-layer applications with stripe or skin options. Its high performance, excellent concentricity, and user-friendliness are established by the fixed-centered design. The main distributors of this crosshead are conical shaped for quick dismantling and cleaning without special tools. They fit into each other smoothly and make for easy handling. Flow geometries are optimized for PVC, XLPE, HFFR, XL-HFFR, EPDM, EPR, and highly filled materials.


  • Precise quality to meet the toughest requirements of cable manufacturers
  • Optimized material distribution geometry
  • User-friendliness
  • Wide material selection
  • Maximum die diameter of 45 mm
  • Entry diameter 35 mm.

Harri Kiuru
Product Manager

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