Analyze Line(s) from Where You Work Best

Utilize the PSU’s new features of Remote Office and Process Data Analyzer to work from anywhere. Technology progresses to meet the demand for more flexible solutions in today’s factories. Now Maillefer offers our customers the possibility to bring the PSU into the remote office.

The Process Supervising Unit version 6 (PSU6) was introduced some years ago and has brought several improvements to users in a manufacturing environment. With it, customers gain possibilities for improved data logging & analysis, unlimited storing time for data, and more flexible and editable systems for recipes and alarm management. Until recently, all this was possible only when in reach of the production line and its controls.

Securely access from the office

Remote Office gives you the possibility to securely monitor PSU screens and to analyze the production data independent of your location. You can connect from your own office PC without disturbing the actual operations on the production line, via a read-only access. All office PC tools are available while working with Remote Office. Store data on your own device, print reports on your local printer and analyze information from your ideal workplace.

Three basic scenarios are available:

  • Analyze the production data from your own office. All data can be downloaded onto your PC, where you can best work to analyze line performance. Trouble shooting, output analysis, production comparisons between lines, are typical of the data that can be analyzed using the Wonderware Historian tools.
  • Plan and add recipes to the line. Now you can insert upcoming recipes easily in your office and then go in the control room to load them into the production system. This is a handy tool that lets you plan for and helps you develop products. Print all desired production reports anywhere without having to fetch then from the control room.
  • Follow the line performance with the online PSU screen, from any location. Remote Office enables viewing of production live on your PC, in read-only mode. Easily check the real parameter settings and all the essential readings for a certain run. Review the recent alarm list to ensure that production is executing smoothly. Operators have uninterrupted access to work on the line even with several remote office sessions underway.

The new Remote Office function helps bring efficiency into your working day. It offers a convenient access to interpret, understand and analyze the production line and its data.

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Live line PSU follow-up                 Analyze the data with Wonderware tools      Plan and add recipes

Mikko Lahti

Director, R&D

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