Chinaust welcomes our 100th automotive tube line

The 100th multi-layer PAL line is going to Chinaust and in particular to their facilities in Changchun in northeast China. Factory Acceptance Tests took place during the last days of June 2019 in the presence of a four person delegation led by Li Hongjie, General Manager of Changchun Chinaust. Not only was it the occasion to mark a successful acceptance by the customer, but also to highlight the delivery of the 100th multi-layer automotive tube extrusion line. Indeed, representatives from both companies began plans for celebrating Chinese style once the line ready for production.

One line per year, on average

Changchun Chinaust and members of the Chinaust Group are longtime and loyal customers to Maillefer since the early nineties. They have equipped their Hebei, Shanghai and Changchun factories with an average of one Maillefer line per year. With them, Chinaust produces automotive fuel tubing, brake tubing, tubing for Selective Catalytic Reduction systems, drainage pipe, and coolant pipe. The tubes range from single layer up to five-layer constructions destined for vehicles within China.


Line destined to be celebrated

Changchun Chinaust has turned to Maillefer again for this recent line without knowing that it would become the 100th in the production series. “In the name of Changchun Chinaust and my team here today, we eagerly accept this 100th line and look forward to begin its installation at our facility,” declared Mr. Hongjie.

Plans begin for a celebration in China. In the meantime, an evening between friends in the Swiss vineyards and dinner on Lake Geneva symbolically closed out the eventful week.





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