The Many Faces of Consultation II

Consultation manifest itself in many shapes and sizes. Here is the second of three examples of how Maillefer is more than a classic equipment provider. Know-how, value and relationships extend beyond hardware in each and every case.

New multi-layer pipe design

In this particular case, the customer consults with Maillefer to study a multi-layer pipe replacement for a novel application. The new product must support an unfamiliar set of specifications, while also offering a cost-effective alternative to pipe currently installed.

Our job is to calculate pipe constructions for a given range of finished pipe sizes. Once completed, we will have test pipes produced and provided to the customer. Those samples will help determine the feasibility of the customer's future plans.

Different pipe requirements suggest different equipment configurations, some which will require innovative engineering on our part. That leads to a clear description of capacity requirements. Ultimately, we expect to realize an industrialized pipe extrusion system for our customer that will satisfy a ready market.

Relationships to withlast time

Calling upon an outside source to get expertise represents a courageous and visionary step. It requires confidence that each partner will exercise discretion and not reveal information beyond the given boundaries. We back up Consultation projects with non-disclosure agreements whenever necessary. Customers have shown their loyalty to us for years, some even for decades. Consultation strengthens those bonds that lead to success, together as partners in the extrusion world.

Philippe Moeschler
Vice President Pipe & Tube Business Line

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