Stay in the Game with a H&P Value Package

You may feel satisfied with your existing capacity to manufacture Heating & Plumbing pipe. But how truly secure is your existing business situation? Maillefer offers value packages designed to ensure that you and your production equipment stay in the game.

How truly secure is your existing business situation when operating in a mature industry that faces multiple challenges? Whether you make single layer PEX or multi-layer composite pipes, there may be opportunities that lie just beyond your reach. Increasing competition, eroding margins, evolving material formulations, changing requirements, more demanding quality and accountability are some of the factors which may test a pipe producer’s ability to be successful.

Add a value package, or two

Within our portfolio of extrusion lines, we include a series of improvements introduced throughout a long history of supplying customers. What were first special options have become standard on newer lines. The following selection highlights a couple features available and includes a table with an overview of over a dozen value packages, listed by line type.

Low energy pipe dryer3

Eliminate the need for compressed air to dry the pipe. Save up to 80% of energy costs for drying through an enhanced low energy alternative. With no compressed air, there is no risk of inherent water present in the air used for drying. Special 3D printed heated sleeves placed throughout a section of trough result in a completely dry pipe, for speeds up to 60 m/min.

Inline adhesion monitoring9

On the PCL model lines, we’ve improved bonding quality between the PE polymer and the Aluminum layer, independent of line speed. A temperature sensor is placed inline at an ideal location to best control the power of the high-frequency induction heater. A regulation loop added to the package offers ease of use through automation.


The listed upgrades and value packages are available as improvements to your existing equipment. Whether making single- or multi-layer, PEX or PE-RT, full plastic or composite pipe, Maillefer provides you with modern sub-systems and assemblies that help retain your role as a notable player in today’s Heating & Plumbing industry.

Alain Schiess & Christoph Radermacher

Heating & Plumbing Product Managers

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