The Many Faces of Consultation III

This is the third of three examples of how Maillefer is more than a classic equipment provider. Know-how, value and relationships extend beyond hardware in each and every Consultation case.

Refresher on IV tube extrusion

Here, the experienced operators able to operate a high-speed medical IV tube line have moved on to other jobs. In spite of the younger staff's efforts, they struggle to achieve expected performances, especially with the more sustainable polymers being introduced. The process conditions are changing and have become quite demanding.

This customer turns to Consultation for a refresher course about the line's full capabilities and insights on the extrusion process itself. By the end of the 2-day training visit by our process expert, the team of operators and technicians take control of the extrusion line with confidence. They are ready put their newly acquired knowledge to the test.

Relationships to withlast time

Calling upon an outside source to get expertise represents a courageous and visionary step. It requires confidence that each partner will exercise discretion and not reveal information beyond the given boundaries. We back up Consultation projects with non-disclosure agreements whenever necessary. Customers have shown their loyalty to us for years, some even for decades. Consultation strengthens those bonds that lead to success, together as partners in the extrusion world.

Philippe Moeschler
Vice President Pipe & Tube Business Line

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