Bring Your Child to Work Day

National Bring Your Child to Work Day at Maillefer 

It is good for children to see where the adults are working and to get a sense of what working really is. Many children do not necessarily know or cannot explain what their parents do for a living. That's why we invited children to come and see how their parents spend their days.

Erikan piirustus

Topography Scanner in its new colorful look



Getting to know how extruders work

We had a big group of children visiting our Ecublens and Vantaa offices participating in various activities organized around our premises. 


Stepping into the world of virtual reality

Both children and parents seemed to have enjoyed their time together at work. Based on the comments " Why do people laugh so much here" and  "Looks like you have lot of fun working" it looked like they really sensed the spirit of Maillefer.

Idan piirustus

A new coloring of an extruder by young artist

We hope to see many other kids next year for this great event! And who knows, some day these kids might follow their parents' footsteps....

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