Coilers Keep It Together

Keeping extruded pipe or tube together is what our coilers and reelers are all about. Dual coiling, safe fully automated transfers, and ergonomic handling all play their roles in ensuring the quality of finished product.

Take the KWA series for example. It is designed especially for medical coiling medical tube, where maintaining product integrity is an important measure of final quality. Line speed in relation to rotational speed is synchronized with traversing and switchback in order to result in perfect lays. The goal is to have a smooth and clean finished coil, without gaps, overlaps and tube compression (ovality).


Our coilers and reelers use the latest drive and control technology. The winding pitch is automatically calculated by using pre-programmed tube sizes while remaining easy to fine-tune during production. The dancer relies on modern sensing technology for an extra light-touch on the tube. The end limits for reversing winding direction are given by adjustable sensors, allowing for full edge-to-edge lays. There is also a feature for defining how a full reel is completed - either at its exact length or just a bit more to finish the lay up to the edge. 


Dual coiling, safe fully automated transfers, and ergonomic handling all play their roles in ensuring the quality of finished coils or reels. Maillefer's coilers and reelers for tube & pipe applications are available as individual components ready to upgrade into an existing extrusion line, or come fully integrated into complete new production systems.


For further details about our family of coilers and reelers, or for other extrusion solutions, please contact your local Maillefer agent or respond with an e-mail to


Stéphane Badoux
Components Manager

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